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Compact Discs by Michael Grimmitt

For Your Glory, Lord

Track Listing
1. Son of God, Lord
2. Bless the Lord, My Soul (Psalm 103)
3. Feed The People
4. Lonesome Man (The Good Samaritan)
5. See His Body's Broken
6. Bless Me, Saviour
7. Christ Is Our King
8. Lord You Have Known Me (Psalm 129)
9. For Your Glory, Lord
10. Flow On Through Me, Lord
11. Gracious Lord
12. Praise, O Praise The Lord
13. A Pilgrim People
14. Come And Share His Fellowship
15. Our Loving Father (Lord's Prayer)
The words to the songs are printed in the CD booklet

Track Listing
1. The Lord looks down upon the earth (Psalm 65)
2. Lord God our King! (Psalm 145)
3. Everybody praise the Lord! (Psalms 95 & 100 Venite & Jubilate)
4. Lord we thank you and bless you (Psalm 34)
5. We Praise you, O God! (Te Deum Laudamus - Processional Hymn)
6. Praise him! Come and praise him! (Psalm 117)  
7. O Gladsome Light (Advent Canticle)
8. Rejoice, My Soul (Magnificat)
9. Lord, I have watched for your coming (Nunc Dimittis)
10. Dios Mio! (Psalm 22)
11. Just as the hart thirsts for running waters (Psalm 42)
12. Jesus, Saviour of the world (Lenten Canticle)
13. Christ be with me (The Prayer of St. Patrick)
14. This is the day! (Psalm 118)  
15. Kyrie - Mass of Peace
16. Gloria - Mass of Peace
17. Sanctus & Benedictus - Mass of Peace
18. Agnus Dei - Mass of Peace
19. Kyrie - Mass of Peace - sung by Peter Kaye
20. Gloria - Mass of Peace - sung by Peter Kaye
21. Sanctus & Benedictus - Mass of Peace - sung by Peter Kaye
22. Agnus Dei - Mass of Peace - sung by Peter Kaye
The words to the songs are printed in the CD booklet.

Rejoice, My Soul!

Worship Time Songs Vol 1

Track Listing
1. We're On The Way   
2. Gracious Lord         
3. Praise The Lord     
4. The Angels of God
5. Blessing Song
6. Beatitudes Song     
7. Worship Time
8. Slow Progress
9. Growing
10. Some Say ...
11. Loving Servant
12. The Seasons Song
13. The Exodus Song

A bonus CD is included which contains the scores and lyrics in pdf format.

Worship Time Songs Vol 2

Track Listing
1. Holding Fast
2. Sometimes When ...
3. Flow On Through Me, Lord
4. Some Day
5. Lost and Found  
6. Consider! Consider!
7. Don't Do It! Don't Give In!
8. Carnival Calypso
9. Now Is The Time
10. The Hilly Billy Harvest Song
11. St. Patrick's Song      
12. Shalom To Everyone     
13. The Crib Carol     
14. New Life
15. Our Loving Father (The Lord's Prayer)

A bonus CD is included which contains the scores and lyrics in pdf format.

Worship Time Songs Volumes One and Two
These songs were written in response to the requirement of the 1988 Education Reform Act that Collective Worship in County Schools should be ‘of a broadly Christian character’ and the requirement of the 1992 Education (Schools) Act that schools should contribute to ‘pupils’ spiritual and moral development’.
All the songs reflect values which accord with those of the Christian Gospel, such as honesty, tolerance, care for others, integrity, compassion, loyalty, justice, ethical endeavour, a love of nature and a concern for conservation, courage, perseverance, equality of opportunity, human and animal rights, and a recognition of human weakness.
While some of the songs have an explicitly theistic focus and some tell stories from the Bible, none is Christocentric, i.e. addressed to Jesus Christ or presupposing an exclusively Christian theological framework.
The words of the songs have a direct appeal to the real world of children’s experience, often making use of phrases and expressions they can own.  They were written with children aged between 6 and 13 years in mind.
All the songs have been trialled in schools and most have reported that children have learnt them quickly and easily from listening to the recorded accompaniments.  Some teachers, however, have preferred to introduce the songs by using a piano or keyboard and for this reason simple melody line scores with chords of all the songs are provided on a second CD.
One of the features of the songs is the powerful, instrumental and orchestrated accompaniment and arrangement of each song.  Sometimes as many as eight tracks of music are used simultaneously and each verse of a song normally has something distinctive about the accompaniment.  This has the effect of stimulating and supporting good singing and of sustaining children’s interest and enthusiasm.
Volume 1 differs from Volume 2 in so far as the songs of Volume 1 begin with a full ‘playover’ of the tune. In Volume 2 each song has a four or eight bar introduction and goes straight into verse one. Each song has a short concluding coda.

Track Listing
1. Caribbean Calypso Carol - orchestral version   
2. Lasst uns singen! orchestral version
3. Feliz Cumpleaños orchestral version    
4. Slava Bogu! orchestral version
5. Joyeux Noel! orchestral version      
6. Happy Birthday, Infant King! orchestral version
7. Caribbean Calypso Carol with vocals by Astrid Jeske
8. Lasst uns singen! with vocals by Astrid Jeske
9. Feliz Cumpleaños with vocals by Astrid Jeske
10. Slava Bogu! with vocals by Astrid Jeske
11. Joyeux Noel! with vocals by Astrid Jeske
12. Happy Birthday, Infant King! with vocals by Astrid Jeske
The words to the songs are also printed in the CD booklet.


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Happy Birthday, Infant King!

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