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Worship Songs & Hymns by Michael Grimmitt

We have provided access to the many worship songs and hymns which Michael has written over the years and which are no longer in print by Worship Time Music.  All the songs and hymns are copyright but you may download both the MP3 and pdf files of the musical scores and use them in public worship free of charge if you kindly agree to:
* acknowledge their source and copyright if you reproduce the words or music on a     hymn sheet, order of service, OHT or computer file:   
* include any hymns or songs used in your next CCLE Copy Report if your church     has a copy licence from CCLI:
* notify Michael by e-mail of the hymns and songs you are using.

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Orchestrated MP3 file

Piano MP3 file

Adobe Acrobat Reader
To be able to download the music scores or lyrics from the music pages you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader® Version 6 or above installed on your computer. This program is available, free of charge, from the Adobe® website.

1. Christian Worship Songs for use in Church

Son of God Lord

See His Body’s Broken

See HBB (Score).pdf See HBB (lib).pdf

2. Worship Songs for use in Collective Worship in Schools and in All Age       Worship in Church

Gracious Lord

Gracious Lord  (Score).pdf Gracious Lord (Lib).pdf

Beatitudes Song

The Beatitudes Song (Score).pdf Beatitudes Songs (Lyrics).pdf

Lonesome Man

Lonesome Man (Score).pdf LONESOME MAN.pdf

Praise the Lord

Praise The Lord (Score).pdf Praise The Lord (lyrics).pdf

3. Settings of Psalms and Canticles for use in Adult Christian Worship

Christ Be With Me

Christ be with me (Score).pdf CHRIST BE WITH ME.pdf

Rejoice, My Soul

Magnificat Score.pdf REJOICE MY SOUL(Lib).pdf

Lord I Have Watched

Lord I have watched (Score).pdf LordIhavewatched Libretto.pdf

This Is the Day

This is the day!.pdf This is the day Lib.pdf

4. Christian Songs and Settings for All Age Worship

Kyrie Eleison


Gloria in Excelsis


Sanctus Benedictus


Agnus Dei


5. Carols and Songs for Christmas

The Crib Carol

Caribbean Calypso.pdf Caribbean Calypso (Lib).pdf

Last uns singen!

Lasst Uns Singen.pdf Lasst uns singen (lib).pdf

Feliz Cumpleanos

Feliz Cumpleanos.pdf Feliz Cumpleanos (Lib).pdf

Slava Bogu!

Slava Bogu..pdf Slava Bogu (lib).pdf

6. Modern Christian Hymns for Congregational Singing

A Pilgrim People

A Pilgrim People (Score).pdf A PILGRIM PEOPLE (Lib).pdf

‘Happy Birthday, Infant King’ These six songs are from a Play for Christmas with New Songs from around the World by Michael Grimmitt and Astrid Jeske.

Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel.pdf Joyeux Noel (lib).pdf

Happy Birthday

Happy  Birthday Infant King Song..pdf Happy Birthday (lib).pdf

Caribbean Calypso

cribcarol(score).pdf THE CRIB CAROL (Lyrics).pdf

Little Bells

Little Bells (Score).pdf LITTLE BELLS (Lyrics).pdf

The Lord at first did Adam make

The Lord at first did Adam make Unison.pdf The Lord at first (Lyrics).pdf

The Lord at first did Adam make
(Written for use after the first reading of the Christmas Service of Nine Lessons and Carols as an easier alternative to Ord’s  or Warlock’s ‘Adam lay ybounden’ or ‘This is the Truth sent from above’.  Three further verses from the traditional English carol are available).

Climbing Up

Climbing Up The Rainbow (Score).pdf CLIMBING UP THE RAINBOW (Rev).pdf

Simon Peter

Simonpeterscore.pdf SIMON PETER! SIMON PETER!(Lyrics).pdf


Shalom to everyone.pdf SHALOM TO EVERYONE(LIB).pdf

Lost and Found

Lost and found.pdf Lost and Found (Lib).pdf

Mary’s Song

Marys Song (Score).pdf MARYS Song Words.pdf

St Patrick’s Song

St Patricks Song (Screv).pdf St Patricks Song lyrics.pdf

The Lord Looks

The Lord looks down (Score).pdf THE LORD LOOKS DOWN.pdf

Just as the Hart

Just as the hart (Psalm 42) (Score).pdf JUST AS THE HART(Lyrics).pdf

Dios Mio!

Dios Mio (Score).pdf DIOS MIO! (Lib).pdf

Complete Score

Full score.pdf A Nursery Rhyme Mass for All Ages.pdf

Feed the People

Feed the People (Score).pdf FEED THE PEOPLE!.pdf

Nursery Rhyme Mass
The first four songs are arranged from traditional melodies.
Nursery rhymes are timeless: their melodies bridge the gap between young and old.

Complete Score

HBIK Full Score.pdf Play(rev).pdf

Dottie and Buzz
Michael was commissioned to write a series of songs for the Culham Institute's material for the Early Years Foundation Stage to provide guidance for those who teach/care for children from birth to the end of the academic year in which the child reaches the age of five.
To visit the Dottie and Buzz website click opposite

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